Why A Small Business Needs to Have A 360 Virtual Tour on Their Website

If you own a business, chances are you’ve been approached to have a Google Street View tour done. You might be wondering how this benefits your business or how it’s going to grow traffic to your business. You’re probably torn between Facebook Ads or the traditional SEO methods.

While these solutions are beneficial, using them wrong is going to do more damage than good. Listed below are some reasons why virtual tours can help grow traffic and increase business.

Beginning with a low-cost tour of your business, you’ll be able to cover website traffic and in-store customers. This means you can expand on other strategies to help benefit your business in the future.

Publishing a virtual tour requires capturing images and then editing or stitching them together to produce a high-resolution panoramic photo. They are connected using a software and photos are uploaded complete the tour.

Show Off Your Personality

Having a virtual tour helps give great representation of your business at first glance. Anyone searching for what you’re offering will be greeted with this tour and it immediately shows your business personality.

For example, if you own a restaurant, your visitors know what the place looks like before they even arrive. If you own a sports bar, you can showcase the décor that many sports fans will appreciate. If you own a salon, showcasing the décor and floors or stylish chairs can attract more customers.

Give People What They Are Looking For

Nowadays, a majority of internet users are millennials and those from Generation Z. They find products and businesses primarily through social media and online searching. Generation Z population has an attention span of 8 seconds. That’s all you’ve got to gain their interest. A virtual tour helps catch their attention with images of your business and what you’re offering.

Gives Out-of-Staters Insight to Your Business

One thing many people don’t understand about a virtual tour is that many of their customers can come from out-of-town. Giving long-distance customers the ability to see what they are missing and to tour the property. This is especially true for the elder population looking for a place to retire.

Rank Higher in Local Listings

Research has shown businesses that have a virtual tour or photos ranked higher in search listings. They rank higher than other local competitors. Customers and people doing online searches spend time looking at images which gets them more interested in the business therefore, making the site and business rank higher.

Customers Make Informed Decisions

Virtual tours are key for researchers. Potential customers can make refined and more informed decisions about what your business is.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, having a virtual, tour of the environment allows them to decide if they want to visit or not. If you have a wedding venue, it allows users to see the space and to determine if it’s something they can see in their vision.

Attract Potential Customers

Nearly everyone searches for potential businesses online these days. Having a virtual tour means you’re more likely to attract new business. This pertains to even people who aren’t local.

Keeps People Engaged Longer

Virtual tours and images help increase engagement rates of people searching your website. People who see virtual tours or pictures are 5-10x more likely to stay on your page. Bounce rates are also decreased.

Having a lower bounce rate will signal search engines that you’re popular among researchers. It boosts rankings and allows you to appear higher in the search results.

These are just a few reasons why having a virtual tour is effective with increasing business success. You’ll be able to show people a more personal side to your business than just a listing in search results.

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